The life of an intern well, could be stressful and that needs little saying. From re-filling coffee mugs to doing chores that aren’t even remotely related to the work you were hired for, it is basically a thankless job with little to no money. (If you’re an intern and have it any other way, consider yourself really lucky!)

In the soon to release film, The Intern,  Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are playing the intern and the boss, respectively. No, not the other way round. De Niro is a septuagenarian intern who’s been hired to help the CEO of the company, Hathaway. Here’s why we are eagerly waiting to watch the film.
Seventy-Year Old Intern
Doesn’t that already sound like a hit? The plot is strong and the story line has already managed to get us curious.
De Niro’s Chemistry With the Cast
The trailer gives us a glimpse of De Niro’s chemistry with the rest of the cast. And we like what we see. From giving advice to having shots, he seems pretty down with our generation. 
Relationship Advice
It’s about time our generation learn that emoticons cannot resolve everything. And who better than De Niro to make the guys understand why a vintage suit gets picked over a grubby sweatshirt every time!
Comic Timing
When you put two individuals with superb coming timing together in a film, what do you get? Supremely superb coming timing, of course! 
Sorry, I’m a rusty comic, but guess who aren’t – De Niro and Hathaway
Director Nancy Meyers
She knows the genre and she’s good at it. The lady gave us romcom gems like The Parent Trap, The Holiday and It’s Complicated. Considering her previous movies, we really don’t think The Intern will disappoint. 
Watch the trailer here and book your tickets in advance!