Very much on the epic and mythical tales of big Hollywood movies, set in the period (1930s) this one is an interesting watch. The Lone Ranger is a movie about times when there were legends of the West and the persistent conflict of Law vs. Outlaw. Intelligently based in the proximity of the Depression Era when old tribes were fading out and the Nation was so involved with the idea of National prosperity and development that this tale (saga) comes from the heartland of the West.

Johnny Depp again gives a superb performance in the avatar of American-Indian warrior, Tonto, laced with dry-wit and delivery of dialogues; his characteristic trademarks, what he is known best for. He is one of the reasons to watch this movie. Another decent performance is given by the parallel lead (Armie Hammer) as a morally scrupulous lawyer, struggling with his belief in integrity and justice. Laudable is that he gives this role the essential vitality. Amusingly told in a flashback technique to a boy who visits the museum which has the reminiscence of the yesteryears (hosting the exhibition of the Wild West). He strikes up a conversation with an American-Indian (Johnny Depp). This displays flair on the part of the story to begin with. The whole movie is built around this legend and has the essential quality of nostalgia needed for bringing The Lone Ranger to life. He recounts his experience with the lawyer years back which had a significant impact on arriving at his own belief in justice (transition from law to justice to be precise). The major strength of the movie is that it also manages to remind us of the troubled history of America while keeping the Entertainment Quotient intact on the screen.

Although the movie deals with the notion of justice and law, it never loses its focus in being a fun adventure movie at the same time. Well-directed  with some superb action sequences which will surely amuse the audience who want to watch a movie for a pure fun-filled cinema ride. The director (Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Carribean fame)  has made sure that he interlaces the film with an adequate emotional input so that a certain resonance is felt. The approach of the movie is fresh and in sync with the legacy of those movies which account at first for entertainment in their intention. The echoes of legendary westerns such as John Ford’s The Searchers (1956)  is also felt in the movie which adds a lot to the cinematic experience of The Lone Rangers.

On a negative note, the film is too grand on scale and fails to avoid becoming too overburdened with the ideas which appear meaningless at times. The result is that the film feels overblown at times trying hard to entertain the audience but is also successful in this attempt for the most part. Hence if one is in the mood for a genuine entertainer, for now it is The Lone Ranger as it successfully achieves what it wanted to in the first place.

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