A Clover Leaf or a Guardian Angel?

Director: Scott Hicks

Cast: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Jay R. Ferguson, Blythe Danner, Joe Chrest , Riley Thomas Stewart, Jillian Batherson, Courtney J. Clark, Russell Durham Comegys, Nedal Yousef, Robert Hayes

Synopsis: Based on a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. Logan Thibault, a Marine who`s survived three tours of Iraq, attributes his good luck to a photograph he carried of a woman he doesn`t even know. When he returns to the States, he sets out to find her.

Review: Nicholas Sparks is very gifted writer and it is but obvious that the books authored by him are fast becoming a franchise with producer, Denise Di Novi once again producing this film like the previous film adaptations of the novels namely "A Walk To Remember," "Nights In Rodanthe" and "Message in a Bottle" (also written by Nicholas Sparks). Some may argue that his stories are extremely heart-wrenching, but all his stories cannot have the protagonist passing away due to any reason. An optimistic believer in love would always dream of a perfect relationship where the couple stands by each other in sickness and in health and grows old together.

“The Lucky One” is the story of a U.S. Marine, Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) who begins to believe in a lucky charm (or a guardian angel) after his close encounters with death on the battlefield. His lucky charm is the smiling picture of a beautiful woman who he knows nothing about but sets out to find her only to acknowledge the difference that her remote presence made to his life.

Enter Beth (Taylor Schilling), a single mother in her late twenties who lives with her grandmother and runs a dog kennel. The best part about the film was the aesthetic shooting at the picturesque locales and the thoroughbred dogs. The setting is perfect, so are the props, but the chemistry between the two protagonists was amiss. According to the source of the screenplay, the couple gradually falls in love, however the film was running in another direction. Adding steamy semi-pornographic scenes also did not seem to help too much here, considering that the chemistry was simply amiss. How do you re-kindle it then? I bet they tried and tried but the inanimate stuff in the film took the points. Beth is a confused woman, who cannot decide who she loves, she cannot not talk to her ex-husband, Keith (Jay R. Ferguson) fearing she would have to part with her son, Ben (Riley Thomas Stewart), most of all, her scenes where she is mourning her brother (Kendal Tuttle)’s death but is unable to express it with the required outburst of emotions as much as the script required.

Riley Thomas Stewart is a very talented child, his acting seemed so effortless on screen, plus it is difficult not to sigh at the sight of his cute face and curly blonde mop of hair on his head. He will prove his mettle in the coming years if he is chosen for more roles. Blythe Danner unfortunately seemed completely wasted in the story, we’ve known her best for the “Meet The Parents” franchise, hence an actor of a certain stature must be aptly utilized.

“The Lucky One” is a schmaltzy love story, a trifle illogical too, but only a romantic knows what loves makes you do. I do not scoff at the older woman-younger man love affair for I do not want to sound cynical. All I would like to maintain is that it could have been done better.
Verdict: Walk hand-in-hand into the theatre, watch the film and come back. It is an average film to watch. 

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