Egypt is the land of mysteries, and thanks to The Mummy franchise, we were able to flex our imagination a bit and find out how things would be like if a malicious mummy came back to life to take what he wants and rule the world. Watching Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz fight the forces of the underworld and find ways to defeat the mummy in the first of the series was a treat, and it managed to transport you to a different land and time. And if you are a die-hard fan of this franchise, we are sure you must be excited to see how the reboot will turn out to be.
It’s been almost 17 years since the first movie was released, and now Universal Studios has brought Alex Kurtzman on board to direct the reboot of this film. According to the trailer, the studio has tried to make sure that the reboot film does not just fulfill the bare necessities of a mummy movie, but also brings something new to the table. The film also appears to be a cross between a horror and an action-adventure movie, which promises to create a spine-chilling experience for you. To know what we are talking about, watch the trailer here!

The best part about this film (apart from shirtless Tom Cruise scenes) is that this time the mummy is a woman. Sofia Boutella, who was seen in Star Trek Beyond, plays the role of Princess Ahmanet, the mummy, who will come to life and cause destruction to claim what she was denied. The way Sofia’s scenes are incorporated in the trailer will intrigue you and make you want to know more about her character.

Apart from that, the film features Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in lead roles. You will also get to see Jake Johnson from New Girl, Courtney B. Vance from American Crime Story and Russell Crowe in this film. So, are you excited to watch this movie? You will have to wait till June 9, 2017, when the film hits the theatres.