Verdict: A delightfully entertaining buddy flick.

You have seen Ryan Gosling play a romantic in The Notebook, a bad boy in Crazy, Stupid Love, and an introvert in Lars and the Real Girl. For most of his parts, Gosling has done justice to his characters, adapting to every role he plays. It’s not often that the actor is seen doing comedy, and thus his brilliance in The Nice Guys comes as quite the surprise. This is probably one of his first films where he does not play the stereotypically good-looking character. But it is this movie that will make you fall in love with him. And his acting. And his comic timing.

The Nice Guys is a hilarious action-comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as lead characters. Gosling plays private detective Holland March, who has been hired to find the adult film actress Misty Mountains. March’s hunt sets him on the trail of a missing girl, Amelia Kutner. Meanwhile, Amelia hires enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) to stop him from finding her. Their first encounter is quite eventful, as Healy beats up March in his own house. But when he is visited by two suspicious men, Healy realizes that the plot is thicker than what he was initially paid to do. Healy and March team up in the search for Amelia, joined by March’s daughter, Holly, while a mercenary named John Boy (Matt Bomer) is determined to finish her off. The wild goose chase results in a series of hilarious mishaps, where both March and Healy get hurt, but manage to change their reputation of ‘The Bad Guys’.
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The chemistry between the lead characters is undeniable, as Gosling and Crowe make a brilliant comic duo. They are not your regular heroes; in fact March continuously refers to himself as ‘the worst detective in the world’, ultimately proving himself wrong. Healy is the stronger character, compared to the lumbering alcoholic March, yet finds himself in the most awkward situations. Gosling’s performance, however, overshadows Crowe, who has had better films in his kitty. While the audience is in splits right from the beginning, the movie manages to keep the pace even as the mystery unfolds. Thoroughly engaging with its side-splitting humor and well-executed script, the lead duo takes over where supporting characters fail to impress, adding their own elements of drama and comedy to their roles. The ending hints at a sequel, which we hope is every bit as entertaining as this one.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Laughter and entertainment is guaranteed! A great way to unwind after a monotonous week, this movie is ideal to raise your spirits with your partner-in-crime.