Written and directed by the experimental British filmmaker Sally PotterThe Party is perhaps her most approachable movie yet that can be summarized in just one word – fun. It is not a regular comedy, but a dark comedy demonstrated in black-and-white, which relies on snappy dialogue to make you have a good time. Nobody really laughs in the film, but it is still so outrageously funny, it made a whole crowd of strangers laugh out loud.

Background and Story: 

This party is celebrating the political achievement of Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), who has finally risen to a position of power to make the changes she's always wanted to make. Unfortunately, her family life isn't as perfect as her work life. Her husband, Bill (Timothy Spall), seems more interested in alcohol bottles and playing records like he's DJing a disco – although you have to admit he has wonderful taste. The first guests to arrive are Janet's best friend, April (Patricia Clarkson) in tow with her boyfriend, Gottfried (Bruno Ganz), who are the odd couple bickering constantly. Martha (Cherry Jones) and Jinny (Emily Mortimer) come in next with some good news to share. And the final guest is the finance mogul Tom (Cillian Murphy), who arrives without his wife who works with Janet. And so, the party begins. 

Everything is normal until it's not. Secrets start spilling out, tensions rise, dishes are burnt, blood is shed, accusations are made, and a gun is shot. Let's just say, this isn't your regular house party.  

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Why You Should Watch: 

The performances are the highlight of The Party. The roles are perfectly cast and each actor plays to their strengths. This ensemble works well, balancing out the extremities of each other while working in a synergy. When one goes too far, there's always another voice of reason to call them out on their behavior. If you can get by without flashy visuals and be entertained by clever conversations, The Party will be the best dinner party you will ever get to witness on screen. It's a tamed down version of Tarantino with all of the dark humor and only the slightest bit of violence. 

What You Should Watch Next: 

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