Does loss make us more sensitive? Does complacency affect our judgment? The Piano Tuner is a haunting yet beautiful short film that answers these questions.

The Piano Tuner follows Adrien (Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet), a piano tuner who pretends to be blind in order to get more work. Though his only motive is to make more money, Adrien inadvertently ends up seeing a side of people no one else sees. However, everything changes when he ends up seeing something that he shouldn’t have.

Olivier Treiner’s short film is a bold statement about greed, voyeurism and morality in the 21st century. It explores highly complex themes with a refreshing simplicity. In the process, the film also poses some difficult questions. The answers are not always crystal clear. But this ambiguity is the precise source of the film’s beauty.

Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, who plays Adrien, delivers an outstanding performance. The actor manages to portray the perfect blend of cocky and helpless. He perfectly highlights the dichotomy of his character, making the film truly unforgettable. Gregory Gadebois and Daniele Lebrun are also noteworthy in their respective parts, though we do not see nearly enough of them in the film.

The Piano Tuner is the rare example of a film that is well-acted, well-written and aesthetically pleasing. Yes, the holy trinity lives and you can watch it right here: