Verdict: Two minutes to absolute cuteness!

Ever wondered what your housebound critters are up to the whole day? Well, the mystery is finally unveiled. From the humans of Despicable Me comes yet another animated comedy, The Secret Life of Pets! Yup and as interesting as the title sound, the trailer will not only leave you amused but also amazed. If Toy Story wasn’t enough to mess our minds (with figurines coming to life), here comes another! However, no one’s complaining, ’cause, this delightful two-minute video will surely brighten your day, with an overload of cuteness. It’s definitely a visual treat for all pet lovers.

Based in Manhattan, the film captures the adventure-pumping lives of pets, who apparently have a better networking life than us. Once their owners step out for the day, they switch to the ‘Swag-iest’ (if that could be a word) mode that will leave you in splits. The film significantly follows the life of Max, a terrier, who’s upset about his owner getting a lazy mongrel for company. But with the local bunny planning to gang up against the happy-owned pets, he must leave aside his personal grudges and set things right. What follows thereafter is a hilarious series of shenanigans. From a cat trying to control its hunger pangs to a poodle head-banging to rock metal, the film promises something for every pet lover!

And if that doesn’t excite you enough, wait till you read the ensemble cast voicing these characters. Modern Family’s Eric Allen Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert Lawrence Brooks (voiced Marlin- the clown fish in Nemo) and Louis C.K are some of the stars, who are all set to bring you this platter of hilarity. Directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney, the film is set for a 2016 release and we can’t wait already. However, till then all you can do is watch this adorable trailer again and again. Here’s the teaser for you:

So do you still think they wait all day for you to return? 😛

Save the dates…Mark your calendars, as The Secret Life of Pets cannot be missed!