Verdict: A disturbing take on the 2008 nightmare.

Back in 2008, writer-director Bryan Bertino took us on a rollercoaster ride of terror in The Strangers. Now, a decade later, The Man in the Mask, Pin-Up Girl, and Doll Face are back in all their horrific glory. Originally written by Bryan Bertino and later adapted by Ben Katai, The Strangers: Prey at Night reunites us with these psychopath killers once again. But does it live up to the nightmares of its prequel? Let’s find out!

What's The Strangers: Prey at Night About:

A family of four stop over at a trailer park on a road trip. When they arrive they find out that the relatives they were supposed to meet aren’t there and the whole park is mysteriously deserted. As the night goes on, their visit takes a dangerous turn when they realize that they’re not really alone. They must fight to survive as three masked psychopaths are on the hunt.

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What Works:

Much like its predecessor, this film takes the concept of home invasion to a whole new level. It keeps you at the edge of your seat with thrills and unexpected scares galore. This non-stop thrill ride will have you wondering how the characters are going to get themselves out of this unexpected situation. Beginning with a loud, ominous knock at the door, the tension continues to build and doesn’t stop even as the movie ends. An empty trailer park with insane killers that feel at home and a frightened family that are strangers to the park calls for a really interesting game of cat and mouse.

This sequel that is set to release 10 years after the original also manages to set the characters in a brand new light. A rebellious teenage daughter (Bailee Madison), a lovable jock son (Lewis Pullman), a mother who’s trying to do her best (Christina Hendricks), and a father who holds the family together (Martin Henderson) – this relatable family that is struggling to connect with each other is forced to come together in their fight to survive. You’ll be rooting for the family from the beginning to the end.

What Could Have Been Better:

Starting off slow in order to build the characters’ personalities, the thrills don’t really kick off until later in the film. Once the momentum picks up, along with all the thrill, there are also a few horror cliches of victims that make unwise decisions and all-powerful killers. But if you’re a fan of tension, thrills, and jump scares, then this is exactly what you need for an enjoyable thrill ride.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Although the film caters to a tricky genre, horror, which is difficult to get right, it doesn’t fail to incite genuine terror. If you’re looking for cheap thrills, this is a knock at the door that you must answer!

By Rochell Ann Pereira