Unlike Zack Snyder‘s pet project Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has been making waves on the Internet ever since it was announced, the Suicide Squad film has been gathering a small but sizeable fan following. Now if you’re not one of those guys who grew up on a steady diet of DC Comics, you’re probably unaware about the Suicide Squad. The DC Universe is a big place, and its easy to lose yourself. But fret no more! Here’s your cheat sheet to know more about the Suicide Squad film, so you’re not left in the dark when your friends are discussing it.

The name is not a joke.

Seriously, the title is literal. The Suicide Squad is a group of people who are sent for missions that are, for the most part, impossible. You either succeed, or die trying. Got it?

Will Smith plays Deadshot.

He’s probably going to be your favourite character from the film, after the Joker and Harley Quinn. After his wife Jada Pinkett Smith appeared on the hit TV show Gotham, Will wants a piece of some DC action, and he’s got a meaty role in the film!

Jared Leto plays the Joker.

For those of you who do not know who the Joker is, you’re living under a rock. The Crown Prince of Crime will be played by Jared Leto, who describes his Joker as a “beautiful disaster”.


Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn.

One look at her, and you know why.

They’re a bunch of criminals brought together by a government organization.

Now to the important stuff. The Suicide Squad is a bunch of ex-cons, who have been roped in by a government organization headed by Viola Davis, to complete a series of impossible missions. The best part? The government can deny they were involved in any way if the team is caught.


It has the Killer Croc.

If you played the Batman games, or read the comics, then you’ll know who Killer Croc is. If not, here’s a simple explanation. He’s a crocodile man. Don’t ask how, he just is.

Batman will make an appearance!

There’s a rumour that the Bat might also be in the movie. (There’s a scene in the Suicide Squad trailer with Bats jumping onto a moving car, and trying to take out the driver.) True or false? Only time will tell!

So there you have it. Your starter guide to the Suicide Squad, for when your friends call you an uninformed ignoramus. Still have questions? Ask away in the comments below!