We all love happy endings. Agreed. But, the same old Romeo-Juliet sagas barely excite us anymore. We all want something different with the scoop of love – whether in life or in movies. If you look at the past few years in Bollywood, the filmmakers have entertained us with tons of romantic dramas. However, only a few raked in the moolah at the box office; those few being love stories with a twist, of course. And Katti Batti starring Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan looks good to join the league this month. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer having made the right kind of noise, it looks like this September’s going to be a fun one at the movies. Excited much? We definitely are. If you like such unconventional love stories, then we’re sure you’ve loved some of these movies too:
A young girl ends up falling in love with a hoodlum, who actually abducted her in the first place. Classic Stockholm syndrome. Can we think of too such examples among the love stories we remember having watched? Probably not. 
Jab We Met
We all know of stories of lovers eloping to get married. But in Jab We Met, they first ‘elope’; then go their separate ways and fall in love much much later. Strange but we believed and loved it. All due credit to the “Sikhni of Bhatinda” and that suave gentleman who discovered love being buddies first.
Socha Na Tha 
Imtiaz Ali seems to be winning this game. This 2005 movie on the list was his directorial debut. This too featured two lovers, two sets of warring families and a lot of complications and yet it was nothing like Romeo and Juliet. The couple’s innocence, the way they meet, decide not to be with each other, stay friends and then be unsure about their feelings for each other could be called anything but conventional.
He is dumb and mute. She’s autistic. And how the two discover love is perhaps most beautiful thing captured in Barfi. Remember that moment when she tries to startle him, and he acts like he heard her? Awww…
Shudh Desi Romance 
What happens when two commitment-phobic individuals fall in love? Absolute chaos! The film strongly sent out a message that one need not get married to make their love last. When was the last time a movie did that?
So which one of these love stories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.