Superheroes are running wild this year. From Ironman to Man of Steel to Wolverine. In Wolverine, like always, Hugh Jackman owns it. Right from the start till the end, it is Hugh Jackman and his epic “pwnage”. Post the forgettable X-Men: Origins (All Wolverine fanatics were expecting a sequel), the mean claw-knuckled muscle man is back! And boy, is he back with a bang!

Logan is his usual brooding self (post the death of Jean Grey) and is living like a caveman away from all the chaos and commotion of the World. His life suddenly takes an unexpected twist when Yukio (Rila Fukushima) enters his life and wants to take him to Tokyo to meet her grandfather, an old acquaintance who Wolverine had saved. What was supposed to be just a farewell for Wolverine’s dying acquaintance turns into something else.

Wolverine, in this flick, like most other superheroes that we’ve seen on the screen this year, also craves for a human element. Unlike other humans, this man is immortal and has healing abilities (trust you knew this already). Through all the scenes, there is one scene that stands out and can definitely be called as a complete whistle-worthy scene especially for fanboys – The one where Logan says, “I am Wolverine”. When watching a movie like Wolverine, the audience expects some butt-kicking action and this movie is full of it! Brilliant and well-executed action sequences, one after another. And, it will not bore you either. Hugh Jackman is in his element. The scowls, dialogue delivery and the mean-ness – nailed it!

The first-half of the movie is quite interesting, to say the least. The second-half of the movie was almost equally as good but did have quite a few letdowns. The acting wasn’t all that commendable but then I would not really blame the other actors. Hugh Jackman was so good that he pretty much made all the other actors in the film look mediocre. His violent denunciations of the bad guys (way too many of them) is super fun to watch. Overall, this is one of those “could’ve been better” movies. And, yes, like all Marvel movies, this one has a nice surpise-ending post the credits.

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