The Theory of Everything: A much-awaited biopic

A physicist, a cosmologist and one of the greatest minds of this generation, Stephen Hawking; a man who created ground-breaking research, in the field of Physics and the universe. But many are unaware of his inspirational journey of struggle, that made him a fighter. Fret not film buffs and nerds, a new film on Hawking is here to give us an insight into his life – Theory of Everything.

There are a few were films on Stephen Hawking namely – A Brief History of Time (1991), Beyond the Horizon (2005) and The Hawking (2013); which gave us the achievements of the ingenious person. But none of them gave us a history of his remarkable personal life. It is here that the film ‘Theory of Everything’ decides to be different. Chronicling his life at Cambridge and the relationship he had with his then wife, Jane; the film will throw light on Stephen Hawking’s early life.
At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. A disease, that affected his muscular and speaking functions, permanently. The doctors predicted that he would live only for 2 years. But the icon proved everyone wrong.
With the strength and support of his wife, Hawking battled and tuned himself to the challenge life threw at him. It was at this period, that Hawking became recognized for his work on the black hole and the theory of relativity.
Directed by Academy award-winnerJames Marsh, the film is adapted from the novel, Travelling to Infinity: My life with Hawking which was written by Hawking’s then wife, Jane.
Packaged into what looks like an inspirational and redeeming tale, the film is sure to win our hearts. The film stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in the lead roles. Although the film is set for a November release in India, you can catch a glimpse of this awe-inspiring movie, from the trailer below.

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