Thor: Ragnarok – Trailer Break: Asgard is Dead

The biggest event for pop culture lovers San Diego Comic Con has come to an end and not without Marvel acing the game again by releasing the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. For the comic book readers, the story of the movie is no mystery and in a true Marvel-like fashion they are holding nothing back. From the previous trailer, we know that Thor and Hulk fight in the Grandmaster's arena and that sometime before that Thor's hammer had been destroyed by Hela. In this trailer, we come to know that these events happen in the span of one day and that 'Thor defeats Hulk' in the arena. But the revelations don't end there.
Thor and Hulk were missed in the Civil War and it seems only fair that we get to see them together in Thor: Ragnarok. The first trailer was enough to let us know that this will be a different kind of movie and the second trailer reiterates the point. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch it below and read on to know our favorite scenes from it.

Thor, Loki, and Laser Guns
The Gods are done with their share of using the unnatural to get their way. Loki already lost his scepter during Avengers and Thor's Mjolnir has suffered a far worse faith. Now the brothers are ready to get their hands dirty with some laser guns. If you thought these guns were cool in Guardians of the Galaxy, you haven't seen the way the Asgardians handle it.

Thor and Hulk's banter
Hulk has been in the green form since the events of Age of Ultron and since then, Hulk's vocabulary has improved beyond puny God. Thor and Hulk have always had a tense relationship and that is apparent when Hulk calls himself a raging fire and calls Thor a smoldering fire. Other than that they are pretty much the same.

The team-up
To our delight, Thor is not alone battling against Hela. Valkyrie has joined him and he has also enlisted the help of Hulk. But to no one's surprise, Loki joins the team and to no one's surprise, there will be a betrayal around the corner. It is although very cool to see all four of them together. It is like Team Thor is letting everyone know who the boss is. Serves the others right for not inviting them to the Civil War.

The final showdown
Almost all the infinity stones are into play now and thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, we know what happens when a celestial being touches one. One sequence where Thor proves that he is the God of Thunder has him clenching an infinity stone in his fist. Who says Thor needs a hammer to take over Hela?

From the first trailer, we already knew that Hela would be a formidable villain and her dialogues don't disappoint us. She is the God of Death and dresses like one. She also has Fenrir and Surtur by her side as she destroys Asgard once and for all.

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