Chetan Bhagat is one of the most read writers in India. He is the author of nine bestselling books and four of them have already been adapted in Bollywood movies. He is as successful as a writer can be. Before being a writer, Chetan was an investment banker and is an IIM-A alumni. He also did engineering from IIT. He currently stays in Mumbai with his wife and two kids. His life looks perfect and he seems to have taken all the right decisions in life (well, IIT & IIM cannot go wrong together, ever!). But what if he were a normal human being like the other 1.2 billion people in our country? What if he also had made a few mistakes in his lives like characters in his novels do? His life would be so different, no?

So here we have a hypothetical Chetan Bhagat, who, unlike the real Chetan Bhagat, makes the following three mistakes in his life and we are forced to live in a world without his stories.

Not being an IITian
Chetan Bhagat - BookMyShow

In one of his Q&As on his website, he mentions that he liked writing from the fifth standard, from the very first time a four line poem written by him was published in his school magazine. He also mentioned that he used to show it to random people in the DTC buses. Now imagine if he wouldn't have followed his instinct of getting a stable career first and followed his passion for writing. He would be an elite writer with a literature background telling everyone he met to read his book. Also, there would never be a book called Five Point Someone because the book was based on his life and the years at IIT. However, he would be the author of a book like The Incandescent Transformation of an Individual, and obviously, it will be nowhere near a bestseller because most of the people who read his books would not be able to relate it or understand it. He would have had to go around and meet publishers who would give him dates after dates and finally he'd choose to be a professor. Decent lifestyle though.

Not leaving the International Investment Banking Career
Chetan Bhagat - BookMyShow

If everyone is to be believed, investment bankers mint money. Especially if they are from an IIT+IIM-A background. Mr. Bhagat would have been no different either. Imagine if he would have stayed with his story; being mediocre and never leaving his job. He would have been a very wealthy man living in the US (maybe) with a green card (or something). But it is also a sad truth that investment banking requires you to invest a lot of time in your job, and yes there is a lot of money to compensate for it but they have no personal life – neither for their families nor to pursue their passions.

Not agreeing to the movie adaptation
Chetan Bhagat - BookMyShow

When you have so many best sellers to your credit, there's a mild chance for it to get to your head. If CB would not have agreed for adapting his books into movies, he'd have lost out on a lot of money and we would have been deprived of the marvelous piece of cinema that 3 Idiots, Kai Po Che and the other movies are. 

Today, CB turns a year older and we have another adaptation of his books, Half Girlfriend, releasing soon. We wish him a very happy birthday and all the best for the release. We also hope that like all his decisions in life, taking a break from writing and going back to being a mechanical engineer also proves to be a right one.

What do you think life would have been without Chetan Bhagat's novels? Let us know in the comments below.