You shouldn't be thinking twice about watching a movie which stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, especially when they star in it together. The Hitman's Bodyguard released in theatres last week and the movie is surely a fun adventure. Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds work well together and they certainly set the screen on fire with all the gun shots and the profanities. If you have been busy in the Ganesh celebrations and haven't watched the film yet, today is as good as any. If you still need more convincing, you can read our review of the movie here and if you need even more testimonials you can read on and see what the audience have to say about this one.

The one who is a Marvel fanboyBodyguard
The one who doesn't like the way its censoredBodyguard
The only one you need to readBodyguard
The one who tells you how much expectation you should haveBodyguard
The one who wanted some suspenseBodyguard
The one who found it funny


The one who is hoping for a sequel



The one whose life is now complete


The one who is full of gratitude


Aren't you ready to watch the movie now? You can check out the amazing gif-worthy moments from the trailer here and find more information on the movie here.