The adventures aboard the Enterprise continue to fascinate us, as the crew went to places where no man has gone before. We had the brave Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock who gave us friendship goals. Also, their interactions with the crew on the bridge was something we enjoyed a lot. Space travel has always fascinated us and watching a hopeful version of our future was something really amazing. The rest of the bridge crew also included Hikaru Sulu who was the helmsman and later the co-helmsman. George Takei essayed this role was an American. Unlike the on-screen counterpart, he has seen much trouble in his life.
George Takei - BookMyShowHis childhood was spent in internment camps as the Second World War went on. He could have been an architect but he chose acting over it. He started his film career with a voice role in Godzilla Strikes Again (1955). Almost a decade after that, he was taken on the Enterprise and he took us on memorable adventures. But Sulu is not all Takei is, although he continues to grace the comic conventions. Here are some other achievements of George Takei.

He's a politician
While he was filming for the Star Trek movies, he was also running for California State Assemblyman. At that time, the re-runs of the Star Trek series and the animated series were halted in respect of the "equal time" regulations. Although he did not win the election, he continues his activist efforts to bring about social change.

He's an activist
He was among the first to register for a same-sex marriage license in West Hollywood in 2008. He married his partner of 18 years, Brad Altman, soon after that. Even before it was legalized, Takei continues his fight for LGBTQ rights and has also picked up a few more causes along the way. As a tribute to him, Sulu was outed as a homosexual in the last Star Trek movie.

George Takei - BookMyShowHe's an author
He is also a published author who has released four books. One of them is his autobiography, which recounts the tales of his time in the internment camp and being a part of something as huge as Star Trek. His other works include Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe which is a sci-fi novel and Oh Myyyy! (There Goes the Internet) which recounts his journey of him being a social media juggernaut.

He's a social media guru
His Facebook page has about 11 million likes and he continues to entertain his fans on a daily basis with fun memes from the Star Trek franchise and also uses this medium to spread his cause. The way he handles trolls and haters is truly a work of art.

George Takei - BookMyShowWishing George Takei a very happy birthday and hope he lives long and prospers.