A hero is as good as his nemesis. The merits of the hero are not highlighted unless they come up against a formidable foe. In spite of the hero winning at the end of the day, there are some villains who stay on your mind for a long time. Some seem hilarious in retrospect while some still send a shiver down your spine and there are some who are simply brilliant. Heroes are the ones we fall in love with while villains end up being the people who we love to hate. We have compiled a list of iconic villains from the 90s who made our heroes shine brighter than the stars.

Dr. Evil – Austin Powers
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowIf the face seems familiar, it is because he has been the subject of many dank memes. A spoof of Blofeld, who is considered Bond's most formidable villains, this one is not even close to him. He is one of those villains who makes you grin in retrospect and then you go and make a hundred memes about him.

Kathryn – Cruel Intentions
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowKathryn represents every mean girl you have ever encountered and she manages to take it one step further. She manages to put the evil queens and wicked witches to shame with her broad plans and even broader executions.

Cal – Titanic
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowAlthough the iceberg comes a close second as a villain in this movie, the last part of the story wouldn't have happened if Cal hadn't had Jack locked up in the lower decks. Billy Zane was so convincing that strangers who recognize him from the movie still have an unpleasant thing or two to tell him.

Scar – The Lion King
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowThat heart-breaking scene where Mufasa dies in front of Simba is enough to make us hate Scar for our whole lives. 

The Wet Bandits – Home Alone
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowAlthough you might feel a little sorry for them now, they did scare us when we were kids and for us at that time, we all thought they deserved everything they got.

Hannibal Lecter – Silence of the Lambs
Hollywood Villains - BookMyShowPlayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins, who also won an Academy award for this role, this adaptation has to be by far the scariest version of this character.

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