These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Half a century ago we witnessed the beginning of a story set sometime in the future when the humans are on their way to venture out to explore the universe and conquering planets, befriending other species and alienating some too. Captain James T Kirk and his team have given us countless adventures. Around the same time there was another story that spoke about a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and with it came a different kind of adventures.
Star Trek, since its inception as a TV series that only lasted three seasons, has been rebooted into animated series and feature films. Fans of the original series may find faults with the movies but we know that they are not all that bad and it also keeps the franchise alive.

star_trek_into_the_dark_side_by_misterho-d5p2hpw-minFor years fans of both the franchises have been thirsting for a crossover between these two storylines and really it can only go two ways: it can turn out to be a super awesome amalgamation of years of fan fiction around this concept or it can turn out to be a super disaster making people wish that the thought had never entered their minds. But how bad can it be when the force meets the members of Starship Enterprise. Will they be enough to take down the Siths once and for all or will it give rise to new problems? We can only wait for it. No, we are not announcing any plans for such union just discussing the possibilities. For a clear view, we are listing down some Star Trek moments which will only be better with the power of the Force.

Wrath of Darth Vadar
starwarsstartrek-minHow epic would it be if the Enterprise crew successfully help with the capturing of Darth Vadar and also the destruction of the Death Star. Along with Luke and the expertise of Spock and a Captain like James.

The Curious Case of Bosskbossk
It seems that both the universe share a villainous species. Bossk who was seen in Star Wars was also seen fighting Captain James in the series. Both the teams can come together and take this villain down once for all.

GreetingsfotorcreatedHow cool will it be if the reply to Live Long and Prosper would be May the Force be with You. We can totally imagine Yoda being the head of the Republic, in charge of all.

New pairingsspock_and_leia_by_roboinvisabunny-minHan Solo is going to have some serious competition when it comes to Princess Leia. Spock would be a proper contender for the hand of the Princess.

Lightsabre duelstumblr_maa1ktw98j1rgxg1oo1_1280-1-minWe know a lot of people on the Enterprise who will find the lightsabres fascinating. Knowing the team, we look forward to all the friendly duels on screen.
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