"I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse." — Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney is the man behind a lot of our favorite characters today. The company he started with his brother Roy was first called Disney Brothers Studio and now is popularly known as Disney. When we talk about Disney, a very familiar image of a round face with equally round ears pops up in our mind. Yes, we are talking about Mickey Mouse. He is one of Walt Disney’s very first creations and over the years he has earned the title of the official mascot of the company and his silhouette is used for branding in all Disney-based subsidiaries. 

Over the years, Disney has established itself as many things. It runs what are one of the most visited theme parks. It runs an international TV channel, whose programming has launched many careers and given teenagers all over the world life goals. It has also introduced a variety of fairy tales where true love triumphs all and raised the standards of looking for soulmates. Along with everything else, it has also immortalized certain characters that have stayed in our hearts and memories. We may not see much of them now, but these five friends and their club house stories were adorable and a visual treat. It`s time to re-meet the characters of Mickey Mouse Club House.

Mickey Mouse

 Mickey Disney - BookMyShow

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 (yes, it`s almost 90 years ago) by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks after they lost the copyright of their popular character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Although, his first appearance is said to be in the short story Steamboat Willie, Mickey and Minnie first appeared in the short story The Plane Crazy, which was test screened before Steamboat Willie but was distributed a year after.

Mickey Mouse, known to be a mischievous and an adventurous fellow was first characterized as an antihero. Walt Disney voiced Mickey Mouse himself before studio work took precedence and he could not do it anymore. After about 100 short films, he got his own show called The Mickey Mouse House, which is now known as the Mickey Mouse Club House. Apart from television, Mickey Mouse’s character has also been adapted into comic strips and games.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Disney - BookMyShow

She made her debut with Mickey Mouse and they have been together ever since. On television she got two shows named after and featuring her named Maestro Minnie and Minnie’s Bow-Toons.

She is known to display admirable physical strength and can do hand-stands on a finger. She is known to love music and her songs are always entertaining.


Pluto - BookMyShow

First introduced as Minnie’s pet Rover, he appeared before that too as a nameless bloodhound in The Chain Gang (1930). Pluto is the only animal among the gang who is not anthropomorphic (displaying human tendencies).

He was a minor character before he got his own short film titled Playful Pluto. Pluto is a cheerful dog and loves embarking on adventures (though they would always end up with him being in trouble).

Donald Duck

Donald Duck Disney - BookMyShow

Created in 1934 by Walt Disney, he is the most adored duck alive. His semi-understandable speech, his temper tantrums and his pranks are a fun watch. He is known to be the Jack of all trades and there is nothing he can’t do.

He was created as a foil to Mickey Mouse, so they could characterize him with the attributes which could no longer be imposed on Mickey. He is mostly shown with the team and sometimes with his three adorable and smart nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. He is said to have a bit of a friendly rivalry with Mickey and that is sometimes apparent in the short stories.

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck - BookMyShow

She is Minnie’s best friend and Donald’s girlfriend. She is shown to be high maintenance with a lot of grace and poise. She was also very talkative and would get overly enthusiastic about things.

She first made her debut as Donna Duck in the year 1937, before the creator Carl Barks settled on the name Daisy.


Goofy - BookMyShow

Created by Walt Disney and Frank Webb in the year 1932, Goofy was given a southern accent and a rumpled fedora, which made his personality like his name. He was originally called Dippy Dawg, which was later changed to George Geef. Goofy is actually his nickname.

He is known for his Goofy holler and his different versions for catchphrases like “gawrsh!” (gosh!) and ah-hyuck! There are many questions people have asked about Pluto and Goofy being dogs in the same universe and having such different traits.

It is always fun to go for a trip down the memory lane. Today is Donald Duck Day and this is a journey we should all make. These characters have been an inseparable part of every kid’s childhood and they are the basis on which a fantastic empire was built. Let us know your views in the comments section below and don’t forget to share.