Sir Thomas Sean Connery popularly known to people as Sean Connery or Bond, James Bond is enjoying retirement after spending a lifetime entertaining audience. Starting his career in late 50’s, he got his big break in the year 1962 when he appeared as the suave 00 Agent. He is the first actor to portray Bond on screen and at that time even the writer Ian Fleming wasn’t too sure whether he was right for the role, since Sean was Scottish. But the release of the movie changed all that when Ian saw the movie and proceeded to give his character a part Scottish heritage in the books he wrote after. Sean Connery found a best friend in Michael Caine who stated that Sean wasn’t very happy with playing James Bond in spite of the popularity it got him.

Sean Connery - BookMyShowMoving on from Bond, which is not the only thing Sean has achieved in his extensive career. He served in the Royal Navy (something he shares with Bond) and was capable of single-handedly fighting a group of people (which he did in his pre-movie days). He is also anAcademy Award winner and no, the movie he won it for isn’t one of the James Bond variety. People Magazine voted him the Sexiest Man Alive in the year 1989 (he was 59 years old at that time) and a decade later he was voted the Sexiest Man in the Country, which is a formidable feat at the age. He is also termed as Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure. He also started his own production company called Fountainbridge Films. In the year 1996, he announced his retirement and since then has expressed no desire to come back to the world of movies.  Although people might remember him as 007, there is a lot of memorable work he has done over the years.


Sean Connery - BookMyShowThis Alfred Hitchcock classic based on the novel of the same name was a critical hit with the critics admiring Sean Connery and Tippy Hedren’s performances. Tippy has also named one of her house cats after Sean.

The Untouchables

Sean Connery - BookMyShowThis gangster flick based on Al Capone, had Sean Connery playing an Irish-American cop Jimmy Malone. This character got Sean Connery his first nomination and his first Academy Award.

Murder on the Orient Express

Sean Connery - BookMyShowThis movie adaption of this Agatha Christie novel was as loved as the novel itself. Sean Connery played Colonel Arbuthnott, a British Officer who was part of the British Indian Army. The success of the movie led to future adaptations of Agatha Christie novels.

The Name of the Rose

Sean Connery - BookMyShowBased on the book of the same name, Sean’s performance in this movie won him a BAFTA. He plays William of Baskerville, a Scottish Friar. In the movie, he is called upon to solve a mystery. The movie is set in medieval times.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Sean Connery - BookMyShowThe titular character is said to be loosely inspired by James Bond and when it came to casting someone to play the character’s father, Sean Connery was the first  choice and it is enchanting to see Harrison Ford and Sean Connery interact on screen.
Today is Sean Connery Day and we wish Sean Connery a very happy birthday and a happy retirement.