When you leave from the theater once the film’s credits start rolling, you realize that About Time manages to leave a certain impression upon the audience, although not so long-lasting, but it still does. This is perhaps one of the ways to describe this romantic-comedy from the man known for these kind of films, Richard Curtis. About Time is sweet, poignant and a bit exaggerated in its effect at the same time. A lot depends on how comfortable you are with this sentimental tale of growing up and realizing the importance of life and relationships around oneself. 

About Time is a story about Tim Lake who has crossed his teens and gets to know from his father that they both possess the ability to travel in time. Well, this is not a science-fiction film but indeed a thoughtful romantic-comedy and precisely at this point, the movie scores. Tim uses time travel to go back and fix the situations to make it right in his life. Primarily, he uses time travel as a quest for finding love in his life and succeeds too. Over the course of the movie, he gradually begins to realize the meaning of life. Mushy stuff! Yes indeed, and that is what About Time is all about. A romanticized reality of life and we can’t argue for better. Rather than making a science-fiction film, the writer and director have used the concept of time to make the story of Tim more profound and endearing. Hence, the film scores on that plane and gives you an experience which it is intended to.

Although, it is not a film which can be counted among lasting works from that genre of cinema but for a fun-filled sweet family time, it is delightful. Blending Lesson has given a heartfelt performance and his acting is completely at the right note with the movie. Rachel Mc Adams looks lovely in the film and complements Tim with her acting and her natural beauty. The relationship between the father (played by Bill Nighy) and son in the movie is another highlight of the script and is the soul of the movie. In short, About Time is a sweet tale of love, growing up and eventually finding the meaning of life in romantic style.

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