Ever wondered whether you are funny or not? Do you feel that people are laughing at you rather than with you? Is the world of comedy not your cup of tea? Then fear not, for help is at hand. At leg also, but that’s only if you need a massage. The world of cinema has delivered an endless number of funny movies. All you need to do is go through a few of these movies and just casually drop references in a conversation (with others, not with yourself). The best thing is that you will be instantly adored and fawned over and adulated. Or not. But atleast you tried.

The best laughs are often from unexpected parts of the comedy genre. Within this genre, we have many kinds of comedy films.

For example, there is satire. If you want a taste of it, then you cannot go wrong with The Dictator. Directed by Larry Charles, written by Sacha Baron Cohen and also starring Sacha Baron Cohen, this film delivers a fair dose of satire. You might be wondering how. The movie is about a dictator and his everlasting quest to make sure that democracy doesn’t land on the shores of his lovingly oppressed country. In the film, Sacha Baron Cohen pokes fun at all sides of world politics. He reminds us that free speech is free only because someone has the power to take it away. The humor is quite dark and rather fitting. It is an acquired taste. Either you will like it and find it immensely insightful or you will hate it and wonder why you watched it in the first place. But you have to realize, that’s the point this movie makes. Love it or hate it, you still have to acknowledge it.

If satire doesn’t float your boat, there is always slapstick. By that, I mean a genre of comedy. Put the stick down. Hollywood has given us many slapstick films. The world would be a sad place indeed if we didn’t see someone get hit in the face with a pie or clonked on the head with a brick or whacked in the family jewels by a wild monkey riding a rhinoceros. Don’t ask me how that last one came about, I have no idea. Anyway, coming back to this genre. If you need a solid dose of the "hehehes" and "hahahas" then I’d suggest you catch A Night At The Opera. It stars the famous Marx Brothers, Groucho, Chico, Harpo (yes, those are their names). The movie is one of those classics that everyone ,who has an interest in humor, should watch. The lines, the comic timing, the deliveries, the gags, the crowded cabin room etc. are simply marvelous. At the end of the movie, you might have to watch it all over again, just to memorize the funniest lines ever delivered on film.
And now a little high-brow humor for the cerebral folk out there (the brainy ones according to the dictionary). There is always Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Made during the dark early days of the Vietnam War by Stanley Kubrick, this movie has always made me chuckle. Mainly at the whole madness that goes with war. It pokes fun at the ‘chest-thumping jingoistic’ war-mongers and the crazy notion of mutually-assured-destruction. Funny, those initials actually spell out M.A.D. With Peter Sellers in the lead, you will be left laughing so hard that tears might just cascade out of your eyes. The world needs this movie now more than ever. You also get to see why “Military Intelligence” is an oxymoron.
Finally a movie for those who like a parody or two. The movie to watch is Dracula: Dead and Loving it, a laugh-riot of undead proportions. Directed by Mel Brooks and starring Leslie Nielsen as the Count Dracula, the film throws us into the world of horror-parody. I give you fair warning now, this movie cannot be watched while you are drinking any sort of liquid. Have a sip and then watch the film. Otherwise, as you laugh, you will end up doing an impression of a nasal geyser. With references to enemas, walk-this-way, how to use a stake and bumbling assistants, the movie will definitely give you talking points.
So there you have it, four films about various kinds of humor. Watch the movies and then use the references in normal conversation and watch as the public marvels at your brilliance (Warning: Results may vary). In fact, why don’t you leave a suggestion for a funny film to watch in the comment box. Humor is meant to shared with the world, because if we can’t laugh at the current state of affairs, then we might as well cry. 

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