Time waits for no one. But when you have a time traveling machine at your disposal, you wield the power to make time wait for you. 

How many times have you wished that you could go back in time and not say what you said to your mom? How many times have you wished you woke up on time to catch the bus to school/work without chasing it like a hound-dog? How many times have you, well, not taken the hint when your date invited you over for coffee? Regrets are all you have. But not with a time machine, you don’t. A time machine lets you know exactly when to stop talking, reach everywhere like a boss and enjoy that delicious coffee too.

Now, we’ve had some truly amazing time machines in the history of cinema. But only a few have created an indelible mark on us with their overall awesomeness. We have eight such time machines vying to claim the title of the best time machine of all time. Only one can succeed. The rest aren’t that bad either. Here are cinema’s time machines, ranked from okay to oh-so-sweet-as-sugar!

The time machines here are being judged based on the ease of handling they offer, coolness factor and overall comfort. Also, the intensity with which the time machine creates a rip the space-time continuum.

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So that’s our round-up of our favorite time machines. Which one ranks high on your list? Let us know.

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