11th November, 1974 was a great day for Hollywood. It was the day Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born. This powerhouse of talent has been acting since he was 15. He’s done numerous TV shows and smaller films in his early years (Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet being the exception), and only became the King of the World and a worldwide heartthrob with James Cameron‘s epic Titanic. It catapulted Leonardo into the major league, and he has dominated the league ever since. He’s climbed most mountains in Hollywood, with only the treacherous Oscar summit eluding him. Nevertheless, he’s still a face that sells a million tickets, no matter what avatar it appears in. These are just some of the avatars this phenomenal actor has been seen in so far.

The Wide-Eyed Innocent 
So sweet and lovable. Young Leo was the definition of a cherub.

The Man With the Iron Heart

The beautiful face with the steely eyes had people swooning and trembling at the same time.

The Street-smart Immigrant

Women all over the world fell in love this debonair guy. One look at his careless swag and you’ll know why.

The Secret Agent
James Bond may get the girls but Leonardo DiCaprio gets the job done.

The Beleaguered Man of Power

Who would have thought that an Irish immigrant would grow up to be the President of the United States? But Leo carried this weight well.

The Man Without Mercy
No one this handsome can be as convincingly ruthless as Leo, as he proved once again in Django Unchained.