From one of the makers of this year’s Tropfest winner Shiny, is another enthralling short – Today’s The Day. The comic musical is an entertaining 13-minute watch. Directed and written by Daniel Cloud Campos, an avid YouTuber and a talented choreographer, the short film gives you a familiar story, wrapped in a sheath of ingenuous dance sequences that breed a I’ll-be-rooting-for-you feel.

Daniel who also acts in the film plays an intern who wants just one chance to follow his dream of dancing. The only thing stopping him – like most of us – is knocking on the proverbial door and finding it slammed on our faces. Not the usual sing-a-song kind of musical, this one balances the extremely well-choreographed dance sequences with bouts of comic brilliance. If the short lacks somewhere, it is in depth. The script is flat and predicting the way is almost as easy as brushing your teeth.     

However, even though the story isn’t something we haven’t seen before, the approach is fresh. The cameo by Danny DeVito is a cherry on top. Overall, Today’s The Day will leave you in awe of Daniel Cloud Campos’ dancing skills, and maybe even with a ray of inspiration to make today The Day! 

Watch the film here: