And the Oskar Goes To… narrates the story of an aspirant filmmaker Issak Ebrahem (Tovino Thomas) and his struggles to become what he aspires to be. The film with its intense and quite relatable content made a stir among ardent film lovers. More than a film, it can be considered as a textbook for fellow filmmakers and aspirants as it has beautifully depicted the life of Issak well. In fact, the film is inspired by the life of the director Salim Ahamed himself and his experiences while making his first film. Here are the 5 takeaways from And the Oskar Goes to…

Issak’s struggles make him a better filmmaker

Issak Ebrahem is hardcore a struggling filmmaker. He lives through misery to fulfil his biggest dream in life. He has a solid script inspired from the life of a neighbour, but being a newcomer, finding a producer for his maiden film wasn’t easy. Usually, people give up after so much struggle, but Issak doesn’t. He puts in his blood, sweat and whatever money left with him to make his film. Let’s keep the outcome of the film secondary; his efforts deserve all the applause in the world and is truly inspirational.

Self-belief is the key

Issak believes in himself and the skills he possesses. Most people in his shoes would give up easily and move on to a mediocre life that may not bring ultimate happiness, but Issak fights until he gets what he wants. His belief in himself is the reason behind this and that’s marvellous.

Hard work yields results

Issak Ebrahem take loan from every possible source to get his film up and running. It does, and finally it garners all the praise and accolades and even goes on to become the official entry from India to the most prestigious Oscars! This would not have been possible if Issak gave up or did not put in all his efforts into the film.

Awards aren’t everything

His film is regionally, nationally and even internationally accepted but the road to Oscars is not easy as it seems. Getting nominated is a big thing, but all the politics and dirty games inside is repelling. Issak goes to America and stays there for quite a few days with literally no money or even food. His fate would have been even worse if he didn’t receive help from a fellow NRI Malayalee. This experience teaches him and us a very valuable lesson – awards aren’t everything. Never put in your efforts with achievements in mind, do it for yourself, you will be just fine.

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