Tom Cruise has had a very versatile career. From dramatic roles to action roles, the actor has had a career most actors dream of. He is also a legit action star.

Tom Cruise takes his action scenes so seriously there has been more than one time that he was injured performing those stunts. And he does insist on performing them himself, with stunt doubles at the sidelines.

This is also one of the reasons why getting Cruise insured for a film is a nightmare. These are just some movies that he managed to break his body for, in the name of authenticity.

#1. Ripped his shoulder in Mission: Impossible II

Remember that amazing scene of him rock climbing through the canyon and the heart racing jump to dangle on the cliff?  He did all that only with harness support and without a safety net. The jump ripped his shoulder in the process.

#2. Hurt his ankle in Mission: Impossible

In the first film, there is a stunning scene where a giant fish tank containing 16 tons of water explodes and the actor was thrown around in the resulting tidal wave. He was lucky enough to leave with a hurt ankle when he could’ve easily drowned.

#3. Broke his ankle during a jump scene in Mission: Impossible — Fallout

In the latest edition of the franchise, Cruise has gone all out. He’s hanging on to a flying plane, skydiving and there are some intense chase scenes. One such scene needed him in hot pursuit of Henry Cavill. The shot needed him jumping across building but instead, his foot hit the wall. Even with a broken ankle, he continued to finish the scene. The injury was so severe, they had to halt the filming until he recovered.

#4. Some serious kicking in Jack Reacher

One scene in the film called for Cruise kicking another man in the crotch, multiple times. The shoot became painful after almost 50 takes, Cruise’s foot was swollen from all that kicking.

#5. A near-death stunt scene in The Collateral

Tom Cruise almost died during the shoot of this film. In one scene, his co-star Jamie Foxx is to drive his car into a Mercedes. Foxx hit the accelerator too hard and went crashing into the car. Cruise went bouncing across the floor and the roof. It could have killed him.