Tomorrowland is a beautiful film. It’s like biting into a chilli pepper- it gives you a huge kick, but also makes your eyes water. Directed by Brad Bird, who also made the animated classic The Iron Giant, the film doesn’t disappoint anywhere. 

In addition to being visually stunning, Tomorrowland is a straightforward film- it begins with George Clooney, who plays Frank Walker, giving a flashback of the World’s Fair in New York in 1964. Young Frank invents a jetpack, hoping to catch the eye of a fellow inventor. However, Nix (played by Hugh Laurie, complete with a British accent) dismisses the idea and sends him packing. Nix’s daughter Athena (played by Raffey Cassidy) feels that he has some promise, and hands him a mysterious pin. Frank’s curiosity is piqued and he suddenly finds himself in a beautiful world with a metallic sheen – Tomorrowland.

The film then shifts to the present, focusing on a teenager – Casey (played by Britt Robertson). Her father is an engineer at NASA, who is almost out of a job, due to government cutbacks and also because he can’t launch anything. Somehow, Casey gets her hands on one of Athena’s pins, and is transported to Tomorrowland and meets a grown up Frank. However, Frank is no longer the wide-eyed boy who had dreams of a future full of possibilities, but an old man who doesn’t trust anyone anymore. 

The story takes off when Casey, Frank and Athena journey to Tomorrowland to save the world from imminent destruction. The only flaw with Tomorrowland is that it becomes preachy in the second half. It drives the time tested formula of impending doom down your throat, and tells you that hope and optimism can save the world.

The camaraderie between Britt, Clooney and Cassidy is admirable, with Clooney trying to bring down the trio with his cynicism, Britt adding spunk and energy and Cassidy bringing a certain wisdom to her character. Co-writer Damon Lindelof and director Brad Bird add zany humour to the characters as well. 

Why Should You Watch the Film?

Watch Tomorrowland to see science fiction come to life – Frank zipping around on a jetpack, a freaky home invasion, cool gadgets and slick fight scenes and jaw-dropping set-pieces. Watch Tomorrowland today!