Horror films are full of clichés. Not just the plot of the  film, but also the characters, especially the victims. So, if there’s just one survivor at the end of the film, then these following characters are least likely to make it.

The Stoner

Drugs are bad. The PSAs (Public Service Announcements, if you wondering) might fail to convey that message. However, horror movies hammer it home. If not by overdose, a drug addict is sure to face the most miserable supernatural death in any horror film.

The Super Sexy Babe or The Blonde

She is usually stabbed right through the chest. Her character is perhaps the most good-looking in the whole cast. Her primary purpose in the entire film is to be eye candy and amuse us with her utter stupidity.

The Black Guy

This guy will almost never survive. Most of the times, he is the first one to die. Thanks to him, the audience knows that a killing spree is about to begin.

The Nerd

If a character is TOO smart, chances are that they won’t survive. Friend-zoned throughout the film, this guy might have the talent to hack into a computer system. But can he survive a horror movie? No chance!

The Cops

The moment when they are about to crack the case, they die. Sigh!

The Jock

This character is usually paired with the blonde. Dressed in a leather jacket and tight pants, the jock’s death is more like suicide. He tries to be brave. He heads out to hunt down the evil, but never returns.

The Old Creep

He is the guy who lives in the middle of nowhere and probably drives a rusty old truck. He tries to warn the kids, but of course they don’t listen.

The Fat Guy
Horror movies make sure that the fat kid doesn’t survive. Anyway, who wants to see a burger hogging, sweaty, jiggly-wiggly fat guy run? We have the blonde for that.

The Perv
The peeping Tom of the group. You will find him staring lecherously at the blonde, the jock and almost everyone else. No one is sure what exactly he is looking for. Sooner he dies, better it is.

The Nosey Idiot
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" The Nosey Idiot: "I am watching this video called ‘DO NOT watch the video tape!’"  That pretty much sums it up.

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