Geeks of the world unite! We need artificial intelligence! Considering the absolute brainlessness of the world at the moment, we could use some semblance of intelligent thought. And what better way than to have it be created. What would life be like? No worries there, Hollywood has that covered. We have had monoliths, robots, sentient cyborgs, androids, self-aware programs, hyper-intelligent caretakers and surrogates. Imagine if we had some of these amazing creations walking around us right now. What would our lives be like? 

Over the years, we have had some awesome and imaginative A.I.s created for the silver screen. Let’s take a look at few of them. 
1. J.A.R.V.I.S: The perfect housekeeper and butler. Tony Stark‘s confidante and machinist and an all-round amazing Artificial Intelligence. Jarvis does everything from creating Tony’s suits to fabricating the Mark series of Iron Man suits. So yup, without Jarvis, the ending of the Iron Man 3 movie would be really hard to pull off. And if rumors are to be believed, Jarvis will be reincarnated as Vision, a cyborg who becomes an Avenger. How awesome is that? 
2. Sonny from I, Robot: Now, we all want a robot. Someone who’d take care of all our needs. And who better than Sonny. But wait, there is a catch. Sonny can reason. He has the brains to question existence and he proceeds to open Will Smith‘s mind to the possibility of AI. And also he is voiced by Alan Tudyk, a.k.a Wash!  
3. Andrew from Bicentennial Man: Issac Asimov gave us the three laws of robotics and this is best showcased in the movie Bicentennial Man. Here we have Andrew. Andrew is unique, one-of-a-kind robot who starts to reason and learn. He grows from his experiences and then he decides to become human. Slowly he takes strides in changing his appearance and then finally takes the last step. He chooses to die. Showing us that being human means being flawed. 
4. Samantha from Her: Oh Samantha. In the future, you will be paired off with an artificial intelligence who will match your personality and grow with you. By sharing your life, the AI could experience the best of the world. And you would never really be alone. But here is the twist, would an AI truly fall in love and out of love? What if that AI outgrows you? Would you set it free? Samantha grows and goes from being a voice to an almost tangible being. Heartbreak isn’t just limited to having a human heart. 
5. Chappie from Chappie: What is Chappie? Chappie is an armor plated robot who is part of the Jo’burg police force. But is he really? Somewhere deep within, Chappie stops being a robot and just starts to be. That’s the beauty of Chappie. He goes through the process of innocence and growth and identity, much like us. Thereby holding up a mirror to society. Who is really human and who isn’t, that’s a question worth asking. So if you want know more about this amazing creation, catch Chappie in the theatre. Sometimes, even tin-men have hearts. 
So that’s the short list of amazing A.I.s. We could keep going but hey, you just need to get your tickets for Chappie and see for yourself. Tell us all about it when you get back.

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