We all feel low from time to time, don’t we? Well, if it is the one that soothes us, it is movies. Music, too, yes but movies have a far greater impact plus they are longer in duration hence keeping you distracted.

Well here’s a list of movies you should watch when you’re bummed out:


1. The Bucket List – This movie always comes to mind when we talk about feel good films. The ending is kinda not the “happy” sorts but this movie will leave you with a warm heart and a bright smile. To top it, it has Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.


2. Intouchables – The French movie that won many accolades and is by far one of the best films that the World has seen. Inspired by a true story, this film has all the necessary elements that will make you smile and cry in glory! A film that everyone in the World MUST watch!

3. Bruce Almighty – Though this may not really be in the league of Intouchables or The Bucket List but this is a great watch! With Jim Carrey doing what he does best, this film will make you ROFL! Literally.


4. The Terminal – Tom Hanks in all his element! This will get you out of the blues! Pure bliss! The story, the acting, the plot will distract you from everything else in the World.


5. The Pursuit of Happyness – This is THE BANG! The one film that’ll uplift you like none other! By far, the most inspiring film ever!


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