The audience is the ultimate king and to get their attention is the cardinal responsibility of all businesses. An integral aspect that has changed the entire producer-consumer relationship is the introduction of the idea of marketing. This revolutionary idea not just touched conventional manufacturing business but soon influenced the entertainment sector too. Films, owing to their grand scale popularity among masses, did not lag behind and adopted impressive marketing strategies to garner people's attention.

Some movies have an inherent superiority to go viral purely on the strength of word to mouth publicity or the awesomeness of its trailer. And then there are others which take audiences by surprise owing to their spectacular campaigns. Here are eight such super popular movie campaigns that were downright creative and remarkable.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

One of the most effective campaigns in Hollywood’s history, The Blair Witch Project’s marketing was one big bluff that actually got people crowding the movie screens. A fake website with fake police reports, fake stories of missing persons and fake footage from the wild was promoted as a true story.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

The campaign for this Academy Award winning film swayed through all the possible media and targeted people of all age groups. But the one unusual strategy they adopted was the fictional Lots-o-Huggin Bear commercial as a recall medium for all the college goers who had grown old with the first two films of the franchise. Another fresh idea was the distribution of flyers in college campuses asking students if they want to work for Pizza Planet, a kid’s restaurant that featured in the earlier films.

The Ring 2 (2005)

The Ring Two’s marketing campaign was even better than the film itself or should we say scarier. The film’s marketing team invited pranksters to visit a site where they were asked to leave a friend's email address and phone number. This friend would then be sent a link to the film’s trailer followed by a phone call featuring the eerie "seven days" whisper from the other side. Scary as hell, isn’t it?

Inception (2010)

One of the best films to create havoc inside your brain, Christopher Nolan’s Inception spent a whopping $100 million on marketing the film. The marketers revealed the film’s elements one by one, beginning with just a teaser trailer followed by an animation of Cobb’s spinning top. Next, a video game Mind Crime was launched, which led the winners to the film’s poster. The last marketing move was indeed unique and it involved distributing promotional t-shirts with a QR code that led fans to the online manual for operating the PASIV briefcase that featured in the movie.

Chronicle (2012)

This Fox Studios production made quite a few heads turn with its innovative yet hugely popular marketing stunt. Human-shaped remote controlled planes were flown over New York city to promote this science fiction superhero film. And as expected, the strategy worked leading to packed theatres when the film finally released.

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

This film had a built-in fan base due to the beloved fictional family’s huge success on the small screen for over two decades. Therefore, when the marketing team for the movie went ahead one step to garner more fan base, it was destined to leave an impact. The show’s integrity, owing to its depiction of anti-corporate humor, had to be maintained and therefore the promoters of the film avoided buying in big partners but opted for super awesome ideas through tie-ups with non-traditional partners. And so, we saw 7-Eleven’s chain of stores being converted into Kwik-E-Marts selling custom-made fictional products that featured on the show. Another strategy saw Burger King allowing fans to create their animated selves on their website.

Aren’t these marketing teams geniuses? If you know of more films that adopted uncommon yet innovative strategies for promotion, let us know in the comment below.