Bollywood stars are revered in India. Fans of Rajinikanth, for example built a temple for their idol. These celebrities are given a godly status in the Indian society. Naturally, when they are in hot water, it becomes a public affair. The recent release of Sanjay Dutt from Yerwada Central Jail in Pune is the talk of the town. Newspapers, websites, fans and even the general public want to know his whereabouts, his plans ahead. Dutt, however, is not the only Bollywood actor to be jailed for his run-ins with the law. From public scuffles to possession to assault, many stars have got into trouble with the law off-screen and served time for it.

Here’s a list of Bollywood actors who cooled their heels in the slammer: 

Sanjay’s Illegal Possessions

Sanjay Dutt - BookMyShow

Firearms did not help him escape the arm of the law. Sanjay Dutt was sent to prison for three and a half years for illegal possession of an AK-56 rifle and a 9 mm pistol, of which, the former was smuggled into India for the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. But that’s not all! Dutt has also served a 5 month sentence for drug possession.

Make Way for the Khans

Salman Khan - BookMyShow

Salman Khan‘s famous hit-and-run case of 2002 is still not done with.He allegedly ran over a group of people sleeping on the sidewalk, apparently under influence of alcohol, killing one of them. But this would not be the first time Bhai had trouble with the law. He spent a few days in jail for illegally hunting a black buck in Rajasthan. 

Saif Ali Khan - BookMyShow

Saif Ali Khan was charged with assault when he punched a patron at a restaurant and broke his nose. The complaint was lodged against the Nawab and his friends who also were involved in the brawl, ultimately leading to his arrest.

Fardeen Khan - BookMyShow

Fardeen Khan was arrested on charges of buying and possession of drugs, but let out on bail after five days.

Good-bai Shiney

Shiney Ahuja - BookMyShow

Shiney Ahuja was fast gaining popularity in Bollywood when a rape charge put an apparent end to his career. His maid servant filed the complaint, which led to his arrest and imprisonment. 

A Bumpy Ride

John Abraham - BookMyShow

John Abraham‘s fondness for bikes landed him in hot soup. He was arrested for rash driving when his bike hit  two people, but was later let out on bail. Notably, he was shown leniency by the court because in spite of being injured in the accident himself, he did not choose to leave the scene and actually helped the victims.  

Like Father, Like Son

Bollywood Celebrities in Jail

Aspiring actor Sooraj Pancholi found himself in a soup when his girlfriend Jiah Khan committed suicide. He was charged with abetment to suicide, only to be let out on bail later. His father, Aditya Pancholi, has also spent time behind bars in the past for assault. 


Who said the life of a celebrity was easy? When these reel-life characters turn into real-life criminals, they find themselves in the midst of a controversy, unavoidable from the public eye. It still remains to be seen whether Sallu Bhai’s days of misery are truly behind him.


— By Delnaz Divecha