It took 150 minutes to save a life and create history – This is what TRAFFIC is all about. Nothing out of the ordinary you may think. Well, it is. Based on a real event which happened in Chennai , the movie Traffic throws light on a real world problem that a critical patient may face at any given point in time. Based on a true incident, "Traffic" is a thriller film, which tells the story of how a person's heart was transported from one city to another by road in just 150 minutes, so that it can be transplanted into a dying little girl. Although the film is devoid of any big stars, the sentiment of the film is quite a winning one. Nonetheless, the cast works towards the film in a big way, be it senior actors like Manoj Bajpayee , Divya Dutta , Jimmy Sheirgill , Sachin Khedekar, or the junior ones, like Vishal Singh, Nikita Thukral and Amol Parasher. The pace of the film picks up rather slowly, but once it does, it is edgy and enchanting. In spite of it being a remake of a popular Malayalee film, Traffic does justice by adding all the elements required for a Bollywood flick. The emotional moment and the dialogues only add in favour for the film. The connect from the audiences was however not unexpected. As a movie, it is a first of a kind to address the problem of organ transport. Organ transplant, although difficult is not unheard of; but organ transport, in a county so popular for taking bribes at every opportune moment, is quite unique. There have been quite a few instances when organs have been very heroically transported from one place to the other, but as is the case, only the ones which grab the headlines for something unusual, are the ones which are noticed. Nevertheless, it is a great way to bring to the attention of the audiences the difficulties, the emotional trauma, the emotion and the joy of success that such an operation brings to the patients and their families. It not only encourages such more events but also promotes the cause of organ donation, which is one of the most selfless tasks that could ever be.

So don’t miss this upcoming Hindi movie – a story of ordinary people facing some extraordinary situations and winning it all.