Irrfan Khan has always left us spellbound with his screen presence and his great performances in movies like Lunchbox and Paan Singh Tomar. The trailer of Irrfan Khan’s latest Hollywood movie Puzzle has just released and the trailer promises us a tale of hope.
Directed by Marc Turtlelaub and written by Oren Moverman, Puzzle stars Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald as the female lead. The movie, which is a remake of an Argentinian movie with the same name, also stars David Denman, Bubba Weiler, Austin Abrams and Liv Hewson. Puzzle premiered at the 2018 Sundance Festival to amazing reviews.

If you haven't watched the trailer yet, here it is:

The trailer begins with a sneak peek into Agnes’s (Kelly Macdonald) life. She lives a mundane life as a Christian wife in her suburban neighborhood.  Her life takes an interesting turn once she receives a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. The puzzle which would have taken a normal person days to solve takes Agnes only hours. She then stumbles upon the realization that she could possibly be very good at solving puzzles.
Agnes then strays off her humdrum routine to go to New York City to purchase some puzzles for herself where she encounters the champion puzzler Robert (Irrfan Khan). He then introduces her to the world of puzzle competitions. Soon enough, a friendship blossoms between them, much to her husband’s disdain. With the passage of time, Agnes begins to see herself and the world in technicolor through Robert’s kind words and wisdom. Gradually, a subtle romance seems to bloom between then and we realize that Agnes’s life is not the same anymore.

Will Agnes leave her husband to foster her newly-discovered talent? Will Agnes go back to her life as a suburban housewife? Or will Agnes unite with Robert? We would only know once we watch the movie. Puzzle is slated to release in India on July 13, 2018. 
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Written by Varsha Pillai