Trailers that Tricked You Into Watching Bad Films

Trailers are basically subtle advertisements made to sell a movie; telling you why you should bother to spend money and watch it. They show you just enough to capture your interest and then keep you yearning for more. They are generally persuasive and eye-catching, but of course we always have those few terrible ones, which end up telling you the entire story. If movie making is a business, trailer is the sales pitch. If a good trailer can make you feel curious enough to go watch movies (which may just turn out to be terrible) then they have accomplished their task. Many a times, trailers trick us into watching truly terrible movies; only to find out that the best parts of the movie, were covered in the trailer itself!

Here are some truly captivating trailers which raised our hopes, only to have them crushed soon after watching the film:

1)      Battle: Los Angeles

The trailer showed decent special effects, huge aliens, lots of war-time fighting and some level of mystery and force. It had all the signs of a good alien movie (it even has the customary child saved by the army). But all of this went wrong when the movie turned out to be a loud mess.

2)      Sucker punch

Sexy ladies fighting the supernatural while wearing a cosplayer’s dream costume; could we BE any more excited? One look at the screenplay and we know that it was all in vain.

3)      Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Huge new Auto-bots? Check.

Hot girl? Check.
Hot girl in ‘short’shorts on a vehicle which will soon turn into a robot? Check.

4)   Spider man 3  

After watching the trailer: “Spiderman is battling so many villains and one of them is Venom! Brilliant effects!” *rushing to nearest multiplex*. After watching Toby Maguire’s dance scene *scratching eyes out with a fork*

5)      Terminator: Salvation

Christian Bale had replaced Schwarzenegger in this franchise and the trailer made all of the terminator fans crazy with excitement. The post-apocalyptic world looked thrilling. Sean Connor leading the resistance with ‘The day the world went away’ playing in the background, was surely thrilling. Well, we should have learnt by now; never trust the trailer!

6)      The Last Airbender

The trailer had great special effects coupled with controlling the elements ,set in the backdrop of an ancient culture. The movie on the other hand, had below average actors with questionable plot holes.

7)      Tron: Legacy

A thrilling new world with the latest technology was graciously accepted by fans of the original Tron(1982). Modern day, cutting-edge CGI used in the trailer gave us high hopes. Bad acting and lack of a story proved to be too much to endure, even for the hard-core nerds.

8)      Pearl Harbour

The trailer showed glimpses of a day which changed the world dramatically. It gave us that nostalgic feeling of watching movies that relive the world war. The movie disappointed many as it focused more on the love triangle than the historic fight that people came to see.

Shreya Nair