"You are only given one little spark of madness, you must not lose it"

Robin MacLaurin Williams (21st July 1951 – 11th August 2014) Stand-Up Comedian/Actor will be remembered for all the decades of laughter and incomparable sense of wit. He is sure to bring a smile just by the mere mention of his name. His exceptional dramatic talents merged with his fanatic sense of humor. We pay our tribute to the legendary humorist by listing our personal Top 10 Robin William movies.


Jumanji – Return to the future 

Goodwill Hunting – The therapist



Bicentennial Man – The robot with human emotions


Flubber – The mad scientist


Mrs. Doubtfire – The masquerading nanny


Dead Poets Society – The fun loving poetry professor. CARPE DIEM


Bird Cage – The homosexual cabaret owner


Aladdin – The beloved Genie


World’s Greatest Dad – The break-free dad


Night at The Museum – President Roosevelt

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