Nawaz is known to be one of those actors who are very expressive on the scene but not so expressive when it comes to being their real self. However, Nawaz’s extremely candid interview with Anupama Chopra shows a different side to him altogether.

The concept of the interview was to have an unfiltered conversation with India’s one of the most talented actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui and he certainly lived up to the concept.


Here are a few of the best things that Nawaz stated during the iconic interview that’ll probably serve the purpose of an acting class for budding actors.

1) The Politics Of The Character

nawaz 1

Nawaz believes that it is important to understand the political strategy of the character along with the emotional side. The character has certain tasks and aims and it is important for the actor to know all of these.

2) Nawaz’s Struggle And Early Days

nawaz 2

Nawaz always considered himself a great actor but he never really had the chance to display his talent. There have been times he fainted and ate only Parle-G for lunch and dinner because that’s the only thing he could afford.

3) Didn’t Seek Luxuries But Only Basic Survival

nawaz 3

During his struggling days, he didn’t run behind stardom. All he wanted was to commute from Goregaon to Bandra and eat three meals so that he didn’t look off-beat on the set.

4) Hasn’t Let The Stardom Get To Him

nawaz 4

He is extremely down to earth and in fact when he travels in fancy cars and is greeted by fans, he assumes that they are going gaga over someone else. He finds it hard to accept that all these people wait in lines to get a glimpse of him.

5) Not Every “Realistic Film” Is Real

nawaz 5

Nawaz happens to hold a very strong opinion about the fact that the current audience is constantly under this impression that if a movie is an ‘art movie’, it is going to be good and a commercial movie is a certified waste of time. He believes that every movie has its own essence and we shouldn’t stereotype based on their genre.

6) He Believes He Is Not Unconventional

nawaz 6

Nawaz finds himself the most conventional looking actor because according to him 90% of the people around us look like him. Actors who are fair, tall and extremely handsome should be unconventional because that’s not how the majority of people look like. The man certainly has humor, doesn’t he?

7) Nawaz Admits To Having Worked Just For The Money, At Times

nawaz 7

Nawaz did not hesitate in accepting the fact that he has worked in movies for money but despite money being the reason, he puts the same kind of conviction in the acting and his commitment towards his character does not depend on the movie’s genre. In fact, he hates it when he performs well in commercial movies and it goes unnoticed by the audience.

8) Mumbai Took Away His Honesty

nawaz 8

Nawaz believes that he was a very honest man but the city’s two-faced attitude trapped him too and now there is no way but to lie when required. While preparing for Manto’s character, Nawaz was asked by the director, Nandita Das to start behaving like Manto who happens to be very honest and bold and unapologetic. Nawaz did the same and wrote his memoir pretty much about the same time and we all know how that kind of got him in trouble.

9) Nawaz Shares A Different Equation With Anurag Kashyap

nawaz 9

Anurag and Nawaz definitely make of the most combinations in the industry and Nawaz spoke about how he has a very different tunning with Anurag. Nawaz mentioned that Anurag usually writes dialogues when all the actors are at the set and this last minute step usually proves to be slightly difficult for other actors because it takes them a while to learn the lines. However, Nawaz also seems to know what Anurag is going to write and how the character is going to react to a certain situation.

10) He Wears The Same Suit To Cannes

nawaz 10

Yep, you heard that right. The man accepted on wearing the same suit to Cannes for three times a row and wouldn’t mind wearing it again if he happens to visit this year as well. Nawaz, you define true swag and we can’t help but fall in love with you more than you would know after this interview.

Nawaz is definitely the 3:00 am friend that we would love to call and talk about life and dreams and hopes. Nawaz, you rule and we’re blessed to have witnessed someone like you be a part of this industry.