If Hrithik wouldn’t have been an actor, he probably would have been a Greek God but that’s not what his father felt about him.

Hrithik Roshan

Just like all other Indian fathers, Rakesh Roshan too was worried for his son who wanted to be an actor.

Rakesh knew about the struggles the industry comes along with and he wasn’t sure if Hrithik could handle all of that. He suggested Hrithik to think of a plan B.

Hrithik and Rakesh

Hrithik who happened to be best friends with Uday Chopra thought the two them could fly to America and learn a special effects course to make ‘movies with special effects’. Hrithik knowledge of special effects was limited to owning that machine that did ‘special effects’ on its own. He also managed to convince Uday for the same and was actually pretty happy about his plan B until his father discussed the same with Kader Khan.

kader khan

Kader Khan was closely associated with Rakesh Roshan and as any family friend would have suggested, Kader put forward his own opinion about Hrithik’s career. Kader urged Rakesh to send Hrithik to ‘Baghubhai Polytechnic College’ for a course that would enable Hrithik to repair ACs and Fridge. Yep, you heard that right! Not like I would mind Hrithik coming over to my place and repairing my Fridge.

hrithik and kader

Rakesh was convinced that Hrithik must attend ‘Baghubhai College’ and Hrithik, who happens to be just like all of us, decided to make sure his best friend accompanies him to the same institute.

Hrithik and Uday

Watch how Hrithik made Uday drive all the way to the college that happened to be one of the most dreadful episodes of his life:

We all have that one family friend who has done the same to use when we were picking careers! Looks like Daggu’s life is no different.
What do you think about this episode in Hrithik’s life and if you have ever been through the same because of your folks, let us know in the comment section!