“Hum Angrezo ke zamane ka jailer hai.”

Who doesn’t remember Ansari’s character from the iconic film Sholay? While we all have some special memories attached to the film, we all know that Ansari was one of the brilliant actors of his generation.

ansari sholay

Sholay was and will always be a very special film for the film fraternity and the audience alike. It would be surprising to know that one of the hilarious comedy scenes this movie gave us was inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

The look of Asrani’s character was also a lot like Charlie Chaplin, wasn’t it? There was one scene in Charlie Chaplin’s film called The Great Dictator. Sholay released in 1975 and Chaplin’s spoof on Adolf Hitler ‘The Great Dictator’ released in 1940.

There is a scene in Sholay where we see Asrani spinning the globe while the constable comes up to him and tells him

“Jail mein surang ban ne wali hai.”

And while he reacts to it, the globe falls down. This includes the dialogue

“Hum Angrezo ke zamane ka jailer hai.”

(Play from 3:40)

Now, have a look at this scene from Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

The Great Dictator Trailer 2

The Great Dictator Trailer (Version 2: Speech) by Nicolas Morin

Charlie Chaplin (Official) द्वारा इस दिन पोस्ट की गई शुक्रवार, 10 फ़रवरी 2012

Quite similar, aren’t they?