Bengali Cinema has given Indian cinema and Bollywood some talented actors and memorable movies that left a mark. You must have heard ‘Art is an imitation of an imitation.’ It is true, in every sense.

Creators find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. They can take anything and make it their own. Here are a few gems from Bengali Cinema that inspired Bollywood.

1. Begum Jaan- Rajkahani

‘Rajkahini’ was a movie about a woman who runs a brothel in a village in Bengal. The brothel was on the Pakistan and India border, she desperately strives to save the brothel during the separation. The remake ‘Begum Jaan‘ starred Vidya Balan and performed below average at the box office.

2. Balika Badhu- Balika Badhu

Balika Badhu was made in Bangla, it handled the sensitive topic of child marriage and how they deal with life later on. It was made in Hindi and won a number of awards.

3. Golpa Holeo Sotti- Bawarchi

The movie directed by Tapan Sinha that revolved around domestic help and how the entrance of one character i.e Bawarchi. The iconic comedy that starred Rajesh Khanna and Jaya Bachchan was a remake of Golpa Holeo Satyi.

4. Saheb Bibi Golam- Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam

The film for which Guru Dutt received a letter from the Academy for showing a woman consuming alcohol was ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam’. It was a remake of the 1956 Bengali movie ‘Saheb Bibi Golam’.

5. Nishi Padma-Amar Prem

‘Nishi Padma’ was a Bengali movie that showcased a kid being affectionate towards his neighbor but soon moves to another town. When he returns to find the neighbor, a woman as a different person. The Hindi remake ‘Amar Prem’ stared Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore.

6. Saat Paake Bandha- Kora Kagaz

Saat Paake Bandha is a Bengali movie that revolved around two professors who fall in love and get married. Later, the marriage falls apart due to financial problems. Kora Kagaz starring Vijay Anand and Jaya Bachchan was on the same lines.

7. Deep Jwale Jai- Khamoshi

‘Deep Jwale Jai’ revolved around a nurse in a psychiatric hospital who is finding a new way of therapy for patients with emotional trauma. In the end, she ends up being admitted in the same ward where she was serving as a nurse.  Asit Sen, the actor in ‘Deep Jwale Jai’ directed ‘Khamoshi’. Khamoshi starred Waheeda Rehman and Rajesh Khanna. ‘Deep Jwale Jai’ is still considered as a masterpiece owing the Suchitra Sen‘s performance.

8. Uttar Falguni-Mamta

‘Uttar Falguni’ was yet another movie directed and remade in Hindi by Asit Sen. Both the movies starred the same leading lady, Suchitra Sen. The Bengali version won the National Award for Feature Film. Suchitra Sen was seen portraying both the role of the mother and daughter. As the name suggests,  the movie revolves around motherly love and all the sacrifices the mother makes for the well being of her child.

9. Kabuliwala-Kabuliwala

Rabindranath Tagore’s tale was adapted on screen in Bengali by Tapan Sinha. His tale of an Afghani dried fruit seller who becomes fond of a little girl who reminded him of his daughter is a sweet tale. It was then adapted in Hindi by the same name.

10. Dena Paona- Pujarin

The Bengali movie Dena Paona focused on the ills of dowry and female oppression. It was also one of the first sound films to be produced in India. It was remade in Hindi as ‘Pujarin’.