Stories and scenes in Bollywood are partly works of imagination and many times are taken from real life incidents. One such scene that was filmy enough was re-enacted in the Farah Khan directorial, Om Shanti Om, where Om (Shah Rukh Khan) saves Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone) who is stuck in a fire accident on the sets. The incident leaves a mark on the actress and creates a soft corner in her heart for the junior artist, she had been ignoring till now.


But little do people know that a similar accident had happened years before, on the sets of the movie Mother India. Nargis, who was single at that time, was playing the role of a mother to Sunil Dutt (Birju, in the movie)and Rajendra Kumar.


The crew was about to shoot a fire sequence in the movie and back in the 50’s, sets were not well-equipped with technologies and safety measures. With the direction of wind going haywire, a screaming Nargis was stuck amidst the fire. It was then that Sunil Dutt, without thinking twice about his own well-being, plunged into the fire with a blanket and heroically pulled the heroine out of the fire.


Sunil Dutt bore came out with a few burns while Nargis was saved just in time. One year later, the on-screen mother was Mrs. Dutt!

You can watch the scene from Om Shanti Om right here!