Actors might live a very glamorous life but while shooting for films, they work harder than most of us. And sometimes, acting also includes bruises, cuts, and falls from time to time. The same happened with Kajol once, on the sets of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


While shooting for the song, ‘Yeh Ladki Hai Deewani’, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan had to perform a cycling sequence.

Kajol had a fall while cycling and fell right on her face. She bruised a knee and lost her memory for a few days.

kuch kuch

According to her friend, Karan Johar, she would just sit and keep crying in her Coco Hotel in Mauritius. However, there was only one person that she did not forget. She kept asking for Ajay and remembered everything connected to him.


Years later, the same happened on the sets of Dilwale, another on-screen pairing with SRK. Kajol fell again on the sets and this time she lost her memory for a few hours. But once again, she talked to Ajay on the call and that was it! Shah Rukh jokingly recalled the same incident on the Kapil Sharma Show, teasing Kajol about it.

Here’s the making of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that throws light on the incident: