Verdict: 100 minutes of oscillating between “Oh My God” and “Oh, Wow”.

Known to produce fairly decent horror films, Blumhouse productions’ Truth or Dare, got its first moment of fame when it was rated PG-13 in the USA. The second came along when people could not get over the ghoulish Snapchat-filter smiles that continue not only throughout the trailer but also in the movie.
Horror, as a genre of film making, is complex, convoluted, and much more complicated than your regular masala films. After all, it’s not easy to keep up a film’s scary-quotient, moment after moment. What however can be debated, is whether the demon version of our favorite college game succeeded in doing what it had set out to do.
Here, we’ll give you a few ups and downs about the movie and you can decide if it’s scary enough for you, or not!

What’s Truth or Dare About:

A group of college students – starring the Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale as Olivia, Tyler Posey as Lucas, Violett Beane as Markie, Hayden Szeto as Brad, Landon Liboiron as Carter, Sophia Taylor Ali as Penelope, and Nolan Gerard Funk as Tyson – travel to Mexico for one last getaway before their graduation. Here, a stranger convinces them to play the famous game of Truth or Dare. As the game starts, the devil awakens and compels the friends to share their darkest secrets and deepest fears. Even after the vacation ends, this game follows the friends home, and this is when all hell breaks loose. The rules are simple – tell the truth or die, dare to do or die, and if you stop playing, you simply die.

What works:

Although it’s not difficult to spot fundamental storytelling mistakes, what works for the film are individual scenes of real-world reliability. Each and every character has a well-sketched-out personality and they seem perfect for the parts that they are playing. They are fighting personal battles and are hence portraying characters that are interlaced with hidden layers. This element comes out very well throughout the story. The set design in the movie screams eerie and this is probably much-needed.
What also comes out very well is how the revelations unfold, minute after minute. This undoubtedly adds to the storyline and uplifts the performances.

What could’ve been better:

The movie overall seems like an unhappy marriage between horror and comedy. For just a game that got demonized, it feels a little stretched, as the thrill wears off towards the end. The climax is slightly tepid and the twists and turns that are incorporated feel slightly forced in places.

Why you should watch:

Lucy Hale exceeds expectations with her performance throughout. Watch it for her! Additionally, the film makes you travel to the past and wonder about the what if’s of when you played Truth or Dare with your own friends.

So, Truth, Dare or Death? You decide! 

– Written by Nikita Mehta.