History Vs. Movies

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Movies have given birth to some of the most evil characters of all time, from Green Goblin to Joker. But we emulate them with fondness whenever possible – be it at any Halloween party or the Comic Con held around the world.

However, what do we get when movies emulate real life? We may have a documentary. Or a thrilling movie based on crimes that have occurred in the past. Above all we get intriguing stories from the past, that send chills down our spines. The villains in these movies are no colorful caricature of evilness. Instead, they are common people like you and I.

When movies portray real-life crimes on screen, the audience watches it with utmost interest. The morbid curiosity to know the facts-stranger-than-fiction gets the better of them. The whole idea of true-crime movies has always intrigued people across the globe. People get an understanding that absurdities, mystery and scandals are not fictional creations. Some of the best true-crime movies add an emotional string to the character of the wrongdoer. Thus, creating a thin line between moral and immoral. But onscreen representation of several real-life crimes is usually therapeutic or cathartic. Especially owing to the (usual) lack of punishment.

True-crime movies are not meant for merely an entertainment purpose, but also to throw some light on history. On one hand, it brings to limelight the darkest vices of human nature, history is witness to it. While on the other hand, the elements like robbery, revenge, murder and much more has always intrigued the human mind. Read on for our list of the best crime movies based on real-life incidents, arranged in chronological order:

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Proving the fact that real life is scarier than reel life, true-crime movies are indeed entertaining. If you have your favorite crime-based movies, don’t forget to let us know.

P.S. Most of the crime-based films are not true documentation of what actually happened in history. Owing to legal technicalities, several facts are altered before the film hits the silver screen. So if you find the listed movies falling short of facts and figures, please don’t come looking for us.

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