It all started when legendary cartoonist, filmmaker, voice-over artist, director Walt Disney gave human-like life to a  mouse – Mickey Mouse, who has evolved in all these years since he was first born with Steamboat Willie in 1928. There was a new wave of films that came around, animated films, the characters of which were all hand-drawn initially and given life so they could walk, talk, dance, sing like human beings would do. Yes, these initial characters were sure the inspiration for so many films that were made after that at various other Animation Studios worldwide. DreamWorks is one such name. Having produced famous films such as the ones from the Shrek Universe, the Kung Fu Panda series, and the Madagascar series, the studio boasts of having churned out some very good work in the past.

The same unfortunately cannot be said for the latest offering from the studio, David Soren’s Turbo – a film about a snail who goes from being an underdog to a race car champion. While there are big names associated with the film, there is little it could do to weave a perfect storyboard, a feature that has become more frequent in the last few animated films that have hit theaters. An animated film lover who’s seen most films made in this genre, shall be able to see the glaring flaws in the storyboard of this otherwise cutesy film.

We’ve all seen and heard of underdogs becoming the next big thing. Loaded with inspirational messages like, "no dream too big, no dreamer too small", the film shall remind you of Po’s fight against Tai-Lung or Shrek’s fight for true love and if that is not all, then a lot of Lightning McQueen in the Cars series.

There is but more than enough doubt if Turbo, erstwhile named Theo, shall become a favorite animated character for the kids or the movie fanatics out there. He is extraordinary, yes, but it all boils down to how he was a regular garden snail before he got supercharged nitrous oxide that gave him the ability to race fast enough to be the champion at the Indy 500. What’s more, he defeats his role model to his own game on the race track, a character called as Guy Gagné. While the voice-overs etc. seemed quite in place, there was a lot amiss in the film apart from the usual mishaps with the high-potential storyboard. It’s been a while since we saw a perfect animated film, regardless of the time it released in. Also the fact that the famous theme from Rocky, Eye of the Tiger, plays in the background when Turbo races to the finish line.

With the teaser of DreamWorks’ next, How To Train Your Dragon 2 that came a few days back, already creating hype due to the adorable Toothless and Hiccup, there is still hope for a animated film aficionado. There are always so many films to watch, a re-run is something that everyone must hope for while making a film, Turbo sadly has a lesser probability of making it to the list DVD collectibles. It nonetheless guarantees a film outing for a 4-5 year-old kid.

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