Don’t get us wrong. We love these movies. Nayak was an excellent political film, that proved an age old adage- you need intentions to make a difference, not power. And similarly, even Krantiveer showed the power of a common man, up against a corrupt system.

But let’s face it, we have seen these movies several times on satellite television. They have been shown to us so many times, that we have almost memorised the dialogues from these two films. And with Republic Day round the corner, most TV channels would go back to these films, to capture the spirit of nationalism exclusive to only 26th January and 15th August.

But there are other movies too, which we don’t nearly get to see as often on TV. They are perfectly suited to Republic Day as well. Let’s have a look at them-

Haqeeqat (1964)


This film was set against the backdrop of the Indo-Sino war. An emotional and poignant tale, it’s important that our current generation knows about the times then.

Sardar (1993)


It’s Republic Day. How about watch a film about the man who made it all possible? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was known as the ‘Iron Man Of India’, and this film shows why.

Rang De Basanti (2006)


This film was a rude awakening for our generation. Worth a revisit, as it tells us how what happens in the country directly affects us.

Lakshya (2004)


Hrithik Roshan was like all of us in this film. But his journey towards finding a purpose in his life, and that purpose being his nation, was a brilliant story.

Swades (2004)


Shahrukh Khan-starrer Swades was the ultimate distress call to NRIs. If this is not a film about making a difference in your country, I don’t know what is.

A Wednesday (2008)

a wednesday

A film that doesn’t nearly get as much attention as needed, A Wednesday was a film about the power of a common man, cliched as it sounds.

Sarfarosh (1999)


A far cry from the usual cop dramas, Sarfarosh was gritty, interesting, and layered. After all these years, it still holds up!

Are there any more films that should be aired on 26th January? Sound off in the comments below!