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Not One, But Two Golden Globe Nominees Are In Theatres This Week

It's not often that we get to see award-nominated films in theatres just as the nominations are announced. Hollywood releases in India are notorious for being released later than other countries. But this time, you can see not just one, but two Golden Globe nominees in theatres in the same week. 

The animated film category for Golden Globes has five contenders – The Boss BabyThe BreadwinnerCocoFerdinand, and Loving Vincent. While the Loving Vincent was in select cinemas until this week, you can still catch the two leading nominees – Ferdinand and Coco. Not only are these two films competing for Best Animated Film, they have also been nominated for Best Original Song – Coco for "Remember Me" and Ferdinand for "Home". 


Coco released in India last month with almost unanimous positive reactions. In case you haven't seen it yet, you are missing out on that sweet Pixar magic that has moved many adults to tears. If you're still not convinced, here is an excerpt from our review that will make you change your mind. 

To those who are unfamiliar with Mexican culture, Coco is a crash course in everything Mexicano. The Mexican culture represented in the film will resonate with Indians – from large families to being lovingly overfed by maternal figures, Coco feels much closer to home than it seems. 

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Okay, Coco is right on top in terms of brilliance, but there has never been a more perfect casting choice for an animated character. Ferdinand is played by the WWE wrestler, John Cena, who like his character, is big in size but a softy at heart. It is also based on a children's book that is rumored to be one of Gandhi's favorites. Need more reasons to watch? Let our review do the talking: 

Ferdinand isn't also just a pure comedy. Amidst all the humor, there are also touching moments along with a powerful ending. It never loses the core message which the original story was all about – having the courage to become your true self. 

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Both these films have received well-deserved nominations as there have been very few standout animated films from Hollywood this year. Coco has not only renewed faith in Pixar, but also in the fact that diversity in films can be rewarding. It has surpassed expectations worldwide. Ferdinand has received tough competition from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the sweet film is likely to entertain the youngest of audiences for quite some time in theatres. Both Coco and Ferdinand excel in being entertaining while adding a few simple and positive messages that don't feel forced. While Coco has been a critical favorite, children seem to enjoy Ferdinand more so it's tough to predict the winner until the Golden Globes. 

Catch both these movies in your nearest theatres to decide for yourself who is deserving of the Golden Globe award. Book tickets for Coco here and for Ferdinand here