When it comes to bonds and relationships between two or more people, there are some movies that have showcased very uncanny connections between people. Here are some of them that have touched hearts all across the globe.

Lunchbox (Dabba)
Two strangers. One mishap. Connection formed. The movie tells the tale of Saajan and Ila. The “dabba” that Ila makes to win her husband is by mistake delivered to Saajan. Ila comes to know of this mistake and writes to Saajan. Here, starts a beautiful relationship. They have never met, never spoken but exchange letters on a daily basis. A relationship so warm, it has the capability to melt a stone.

The Bucket List
Two men who met at a hospital set out to complete a “Bucket List” – The things they have always wanted to do in life. Jack Nicholson, the rich billionaire and Morgan Freeman, a not-so-rich man. Together, the bond they form is friendship in its purest form. It is exceptional and stunning to how two old men who randomly met at a hospital can have something so pure.

An aristocrat, Philippe, who becomes quadriplegic after a tragic accident is hiring a caretaker. Enter Driss. A vagabond with a “devil-may-care” attitude. This attitude of his is what impresses Philippe the most and he his hired. What follows after that is unbelievable. The beauty of this film is that it has the tendency to keep you heart warm throughout. A film so beautiful, words fall short to describe it.


Catch Me If You Can
A conman, and a cop who is trying to catch him. All through the film there is this cat and mouse game that is happening. But during the last moments of the movie, is where the beauty of this bond lies. Frank Abagnale Jr. and Carl Hanratty become friends forever.

The Shawshank Redemption
One cannot leave out this film, when one talks about bonds. Again, a Morgan Freeman epic, this movie tells the tale of two people who met in Jail. Andy Dufrense, played by Tim Robbins, and Ellis Boyd develop a beautiful friendship. Something that will touch your heart in many ways.

Some bonds we make in life are more precious to us than anything else. No matter how uncanny they are, they still remain true and pure.


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